Toxic parents: how to unravel inherited patterns?

Emese Balkuné Szűcs psychologist

27.06. 2020.

I recently watched a shocking home theatre production by Horizon Group about the relationship between the renowned child psychologist-writer Alice Miller and her son Martin.

The hour-long drama, Legacy, evokes chillingly cathartic emotions and gives the viewer a first-hand insight into the experiences of an abused child…

How can a mother participate in the torture of her own blood? How does she turn a blind eye to the horrors, while being made a star psychologist for the first revolutionary piece of child-centred parenting, which also rails against abuse?

Domestic violence is happening before our eyes, and we walk past it with a clear break the entrenched emotional reactions and patterns of behaviour requires the all-seeing light of reason, seeing the bigger picture and correcting through emotional experience……T

herapies to this end are also very useful, although few are available. That is why we need works that bring the audience to insight through catharsis… like Legacy, which fulfil this role in serving as a remedy for the wounds inflicted by the tragedies of the past.

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